Installing receivers in live steam locos
Here are some examples of installations of RC Trains radio control equipment in live steam locomotives which might prove useful.

Siting the receiver
If the aerial of the receiver is enclosed within the metal body of the loco, then its range will be diminished. Below are some of the ingenious ways in which customers have overcome this problem by poking the aerial out through various handy apertures.

Many thanks to the contributors so far.
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Cheddar Samson 0-4-0T
Accucraft Superior 0-6-2T
Roundhouse Charles 0-4-0ST 
Accucraft Caradoc 0-4-0T
Pearse Countess 0-6-0T
Note: The default position for the receiver is in the tank, but Bob was reluctant to drill a hole for the aerial.
The Rx102 has been fitted with an extended aerial (please contact me if you also require this option)
Roundhouse Fowler  0-6-2 tender loco
Cheddar Reisa  0-4-0T
Roundhouse Silver Lady