RC Trains is now open for business again! Thank's for your patience. Problems? let me know, via the contact page. Phil Partridge.  22/03
Radio Control for Model Trains
RC Trains aims to provide railway modellers with high quality equipment for controlling model locomotives by radio control

RC Trains transmitters and receivers use modules developed by Deltang Radio Control Systems. These modules employ 2.4gHz radio control technology and are highly stable and reliable with a proven track record in controlling model trains, cars, boats and planes.

For more information see the Support and the 'About' sections.

Announcement: For reasons of ill-health, I will be handing over RC Trains on 15th March, to Phil Partridge. Phil is an enthusiastic garden railway modeller with years of experience with large and small scale model railways and electronics . He will be continuing to supply the range of products and services presently offered by RC Trains and intends to develop the business further once he becomes established. I will be working closely with him in the initial stages to ensure the transfer is as smooth and non-disruptive as possible for him, for me and for our many customers.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the customers I have had the pleasure of dealing with and in particular for the positive feedback and encouragement which you have given to me since I set up RC Trains.
A demonstration of the RCT-Rx24 in action with two live steam locos (Cheddar Gibraltar and Accucraft Caradoc) 
with thanks to Bob Brown
A quick introduction to the RCT-Tx22 transmitter
A tour of the RCT-Tx20 transmitter