MP1584 Adjustable 3A DC-DC Converter Step Down Voltage Regulator
There may be occasions when you want to add a device to the wiring inside your loco (eg a soundcard, a servo, a Picaxe / Arduino board, etc.) which requires an input voltage which is different to that supplied by your main loco battery. This voltage regulator board takes any voltage input from 4.5v to 28v and converts it to a regulated lower output voltage (between 0.8v and 20v). Adjustment to the voltage is made on the board by turning a trimpot with the blade of a small crosshead screwdriver. A volt meter or multimeter is required to measure the output voltage.

The board can be supplied with 10cm wires attached and shrouded in clear heatshrink sleeving with the output voltage pre-set (this will remain contant regardless of the input voltage), or as a plain board. Please specify the voltage required by adding a message when you check out via PayPal.

Please note - the board cannot supply a voltage higher than the input voltage.

  • Input voltage: 4.5-28V 
  • Output Voltage: 0.8-20V (adjustable) 
  • Output current: 3A(Max). 
  • Switching Frequency: 1MHz 
  • Efficiency:96%(max) 
  • Operating temperature: -40C to +85C
  • Size: 22mm x 17mm x 4mm