Tx22 and Tx24 need to be calibrated when they are operated for the first time. If, at any time thereafter, the transmitter starts behaving erratically, it may need to be recalibrated.

The motor control knob has a 'click' at the centre position. When the Throttle is used with 'centre off' receivers it needs to centre accurately so that the 'click' matches the 'off' position in RCT/DelTang receivers. The 12-way Selecta switch can also be calibrated so it associates the same value for each position of the switch as other Tx22/Tx24 units. Calibration is done using the Bind button while Tx22 is switched on. 
  1. Switch the Tx on. The LED will come on. 
  2. Rotate the Inertia knob fully anti-clockwise (left) so it has no effect on speed control knob. 
  3. Centre the speed control knob 
  4. Turn the 12-way Selecta switch to the 6 o'clock position (assuming position '1' is at 1 o'clock). 
  5. Press and hold the Bind button for about 20 seconds until the LED goes off. The speed control should now be calibrated for its 'centre off' setting
  6. If only the speed control needs calibrating, release the Bind button, otherwise continue holding to calibrate the Selecta settings. 
  7. The LED will come on for 3 seconds then go off again. The Selecta settings should now be calibrated.
  8. Release the Bind button and the LED will come back on.